Okay, so for breakfast I’m making it a habit of eating Kashi! It sticks with me about three hours and that works for me. 🙂 A lot of the time I have anywhere between 3-6 smallish meals. The reason being is that I have trouble getting all of my calories. I’ve worked out the whole protein thing, which is nice, but yeah. Anyhow, I usually just have some more of the cereal when I’ve had my two bigger meals of the day and still find hunger niggling at me a bit. Strawberry fields rocks me, like, seriously.

At any rate, I didn’t really get to eat lunch because I launched straight into making dinner: Seitan. It’s really low in calories and has no fat (at least when it’s homemade from the best I can tell since it’s just vital wheat gluten and water then with spices). Now, if you have a cook book that isn’t La Dolce Vegan, I honestly don’t know. At any rate, the bigger one on the left is turkey flavored and the one on the right is chicken flavored. I used a “fried chicken” recipe to work them up with.

 And, to prepare for today, I decided to make the peach cobbler from Vegan with a Vengeance! I think it turned out well, but it did take a fair amount of time. I also suggest using peaches that are riper than the ones I had. The blanching didn’t work as well as I’d hoped but it still wasn’t too bad. It’s just that whole cutting up eight peaches thing. I thought it was neat to make since I’d never made one before. I think, next time I’d just use a little less cinnamon. But it still tasted lovely.

 I’m really diggin’ this cooking thing!


For breakfast I ate some cereal and also ended up trying out a smoothie. It was quite delicious and since I didn’t go off a cookbook, I’ll post how I did it.

  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup water (depending on how thick you want it).
  • 8 baby carrots
  • 1 saturn/saucer peach or a white flesh peach if you can’t find the former.
  • 5 strawberries.
  • sugar or some other substitute if you want.
  • a dash or two of cinnamon to taste.

Get your blender out and pour the water in and drop in the carrots. Let it go until it’s mostly pureed. Then add in the peach and let it blend for about 2 minutes. After doing so add in the strawberries. I destemmed and halved them. I don’t guess you have to but I think it helps break them up more.

After it’s pretty much blended add in the the sweetening and cinnamon to taste. After you blend it a bit more for that, you’re done. It’s soooo yummy.

Now, for dinner, I took Deanna’s BBQ Tofu recipe and made the garlic mashed potatoes from Vegan with a Vengeance. I also added in some peas, strawberries, and more saucer peaches! Sorry, here in Missouri, a lot of our peaches didn’t survive the cold snap that had come through so now that I’m finally getting some peaches and I’m going to enjoy them while I can!

I was so full that I could barely eat the peaches and half of the potatoes but there are left-overs that I will be able to enjoy today. *is full of happy* I will definitely have to make this again sometime!

And now for some bento love/porn:

I got the Leaflet Tight bento at the asian farmer’s market in St. Louis and the rest from bamboo70 on ebay. ❤

Okay, so these are the amazing and delicous scones from Vegan with a Vengeance by the super lovely Isa Chandra Moskowitz. These scones are amazing fresh out of the oven and they are still pretty good when they’ve been out a couple days but I definitely favor them fresh from the oven. I made these a couple of weeks ago actually, but you know what? They were awesome enough that they had to be mentioned anyway.

I had to fudge with the recipe a bit to get the strawberry ones done because that fruit has to be cut up and everything before it can be put into the batter. I think if anything, I just needed to add more strawberries because I have very few that were still ripe/not overripe and so I made do with what I could find.

She does have a way to do fruits like blueberries but since I think they’re the devil or something, I obviously couldn’t do it. But I’m sure there are some of you who have this book and would be willing to vouch for the awesomeness!