So, I’ve been trying to come up with exactly what the hell I should put on here. I think it will be a commentary on the life around me (both on and off-line).

With this having been said, I tend to watch vegan_snark on livejournal and some one from my friends list posted something that really annoyed me.

The question:

“Is it healthy to feed a newborn a vegan diet? How about the 2-10 crowd?”

One of the responses:

“Ever watched House?
It’s really not a good idea to do the vegan thing when they are infants or little kids.”


is house REALLY where you learn about how the world works?


Lol, no i honestly have no idea whether that has any medical credit to it. I’m assuming it does because they have researchers on board and they research the different cases they are.
But yes. House is the center of the universe. obviously.

What I wanted to say but couldn’t because I’m not a member and haven’t been approved, yet:

The episode of House you’re referring to had a vegan family but it wasn’t the veganism that hurt the child. She had a previously undiagnosed health issue. You should recall that the mother’s uncle was an actual dietician and had told them how to feed their child.
If you need proof of a healthy vegan child go to

If you’re going to try to use something to prove your point, make sure you know what the hell is going on. kthnxb 😛 Now, I’m going to go eat my melon while cuddling with my furbaby.