My life has hit a spectacular all-time bore. I need to get back to the forum as well… I’ve just been reading or playing DDR and have been antisocial.

However, I’d learned that Walgreens now sells the J/A/S/O/N products that I’ve heard so many speak of. I really like it and it’s much cheaper than Lush. I also don’t have to drive two hours just to purchase it. And it’s cheaper on the whole. It’s definitely something to check out if you’re in the market for a new shower gel. Quite lovely. They have a few scents: Tea Tree Oil, Aloe and Lavendar. I don’t know if they had other ones but that’s what I’d seen and let me tell you: The lavendar smells lovely. Oh, and their suntan lotion (for kids) works magnificently. I’m the palest girl .ever. and it kept me from burning for 5.5 hours out in the sun. I usually burn within 15-30 minutes. So, buy it!

Anyone have any thoughts on that Castille Soap? I saw all the religous-seeming writing on it and it kind of creeped me out… but then I also remember it being mentioned in the forums that it may not be vegan? I’m not sure. I didn’t think to check the ingredients with my ipod list of animal ingredients. (By the way, if you don’t have it and read labels, get it here.)

My lovely friend Carol sent me two cook books in the mail and I can’t wait to try recipes from them! (Thanks dear! I LOVE YOU!) And you need to come back home soon so I can cook some vegan yum yums for you.

Something else that is helpful: A list of companies that do test on animals and a list that doesn’t.

Gonna go for now. ❤