Today I did a ton of cooking. 🙂 It was really nice… I never thought that I’d really love cooking. I think vegan is the best thing I could have done for many reasons. At any rate, let me show you the picture and discuss something I’d learned yesterday.

 Okay, the top dish is some awesome mac ‘n’ not cheese. It tastes superb. It called for macaroni noodles, but when I’d gone to the store, I couldn’t find any whole wheat macaroni, so I got the spiral one… can’t remember the name of it. Rigatoni? *shrugs* It takes a while to make because you have to make the cheese sauce and then still bake it but let me tell you, even my omni family loved it. That’s a big one for me!

The lower left one is mashed potatoes. I didn’t use a recipe for it, but I did use vegetable broth and like two or three tables spoons of my non-hydrogenated margerine. They make some super creamy mashed potatoes! I’m telling youuuuu…. I also left the skins on because it’s healthier that way and I just like them better like that.

And the corn? I just boiled it and cut it off the cob afterward. No biggy on that. 😀

I’m still thinking about that lovely mac ‘n’ not cheese though. I’m full but I still totally want to have more. 😀 I’m in love. The book I got it from is Please Feed Me: A Punk Vegan Cookbook. I totally plan on making the lasagna tomorrow!

Anyhow, my mother took my older brother to the doctor yesterday and they got on the topic of how I’d gone vegan after being vegetarian and he started this long conversation with them about how veganism is the healthiest lifestyle you can possibly have which is nice because I hear so often how doctors hate that you give up meat. He was even talking abou this favorite ways to prepare tofu. Let me tell you, I wish I’d have been there because that would have been as awesome as can be!! 😀 I’m thinking I should make him a care package and stuff. Just because. 🙂