For those of you who don’t know what empanadas are, they are basically meat or fruit pies that are fried. If I remember correctly, they are pretty popular in many South American Countries, but I know Argentina and Peru for sure. At any rate, however, they are quite lovely and I don’t know why they aren’t popular here in the States.

This is the pastry dough that I made. I found it out of the book Vegan Lunch Box by the uberneat Jennifer McCann of Vegan Lunch Box.  I actually did a 50/50 of all-purpose flour and wheat pastry flour. It works very well like this although I’m sure it’s fine with it 100% all-purpose flour. One thing I will suggest is to make sure the dough is moist enough. I do cook but it’s something that I’m still getting used to overall so I was starting to roll it out and had problems getting the amount she stated out of the dough. So, I had to go back and keep adding in water while kneeding it. Let me tell you, if you have more experience with pastry doughs, you’ll have no problems. I’m just obviously newer at it.

The next part after having finished the pastry dough was to add the meat to it and seal it. I didn’t have the taco spices like I should have *hangs head in shame* so I made do with just the plain ol’ crumbles from Morningstar which is 100% vegan for those of you that may be wondering about that. This is honestly the easiest part aside from letting it bake.

 This was my finished product. I had it in the oven a teensy bit longer than it needed to be, but it still wasn’t too bad. I love the pastry dough. It works really well. Edamame and corn (frozen not canned) work really well with this entree. I don’t even salt the side dishes and they still end up being wonderful.